Tottenham: The transfer window has finally arrived, can Spurs stay ahead?

Tottenham: The transfer window has finally arrived, can Spurs stay ahead?

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Friday 10 June marks an important day in the EPL calendar as the summer transfer window opens. For Tottenham Hotspur, it hopefully means building on an already positive summer.

Although their top target may not be tenable, with Alessandro Bastoni likely staying at Inter Milan, Tottenham has already had some success in the market before the window has even opened, putting Spurs far ahead of last season.

Last season, the club’s superstar was leaving, and Spurs had no coach. Now, Tottenham has a fully committed Antonio Conte, coaching an equally committed Harry Kane. As this window opens, those two facts put the N17 club in a better position. So, what is next?

Burning Question: Will Tottenham continue to make early moves in the market?

One of the most significant issues with Tottenham Hotspur and the transfer window over much of the last decade is the inability to get deals done promptly. Stubborn negotiating tactics left many deals late in the window and let many more fall through the cracks. Apart from Tanguy Ndombele, it is hard to remember Tottenham making many key signings before preseason, which is ideal for Spurs under Conte.

The Italian gaffer is known for holding a grueling minicamp before the season, focusing on physical fitness, tactical fitness, and more fitness, for the team to coalesce around Conte’s plan for the coming season, having a full complement of players before preseason would be ideal.

If things work as they should under Fabio Paratici, Tottenham will hopefully continue their quick moves, as they have already done this summer. Ivan Perisic and Fraser Forster’s signings are two shrewd business pieces.

Perisic provides an experience as a proven wide player on both wings who should have some things to teach the wingbacks and the forwards on either side of the pitch. Forster adds a homegrown player to a position previously occupied by a foreign player in Pierluigi Gollini. As critical, Forster provides an accomplished understudy should something happen with club captain Hugo Lloris.

With more than 20 cup titles between them, Perisic and Forster are the types of experienced players Spurs need to get over the top.

With two bits of business completed and the two most essential people to Spurs’ success, Conte, and Kane, committed, Tottenham can look to address other areas of need to create the depth, and competition Spurs need to competEngland’sgland’s elite teams.

Not much time to grow the team

Tottenham is guaranteed to play at least 46 games, and advancing just one round in the three non-league competitions would push that number to 50. If Spurs make a deep run in any of the four competitions and compete for the title in one or more, the team needs to get deeper, fitter, and focused. That starts with doing their transfer business early and setting Conte and the club up for success.

The transfer window is open from Friday 10 June until Monday 1 September, at 11 pm BST. That gives Paratici and company 83 days to work magic and get Conte a team that can win something for a long-suffering fanbase.

While there are 83 days available in the window, in a perfect world, Tottenham would have their business completed much sooner and for a good reason.

Oh, and did anyone mention that Tottenham is going on a tour of South Korea in July and plays the Team K League All-Stars in 33 days. The clock is ticking, and the fun has only just begun.

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