Time for Tottenham Hotspur fans to back not bail on Antonio Conte

Time for Tottenham Hotspur fans to back not bail on Antonio Conte

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Third place in the League table and top of our Champions League Group, Tottenham Hotspur has had their best start to a top-flight season since 1963, yet there are still groups within Spurs fanbase who do not back our coach.

If you listen to some fans, one might think that Tottenham Hotspur is struggling above the relegation line. After only their second loss in 11 League games this season, the call for Conte’s head is clear.

The refrain after each Tottenham Hotspur loss is the same from many fans, who want coach Antonio Conte out. However, it is time to drop that banter and back our coach.

Tottenham is positioned for success this season

If we are realistic, winning the Premier League was not the goal this season. Of course, we would all love to see Spurs take the title, but any fan with a hint of realism knows that this team is not the most talented in the league, but the results are still solid. With 23 points from 11 games, Spurs are firmly in third place.

Not only do Spurs have the third most points, but they also have the third most goals and have the third-best goal difference, despite not playing their best football yet.

If we look at the Champions League, despite some shaky performances on the road, two wins from two home games leave Tottenham atop their Group and ready to punch their ticket to the next round with a third home victory.

If you had asked most fans at the beginning of the season if they would take third place and top their Champions League Group at the World Cup break, most fans would have gladly taken that deal. However, because archrival Arsenal is at the top of the table, the start does not seem as strong as it otherwise might.

Of course, it might do us Spurs fans well to remember that Mikel Arteta will hit three years at Arsenal in December, whereas Conte has not even hit a full calendar year at the club – his first full year comes on 2 November.

Spurs are not perfect under Conte

Yes, the football could be more expansive, but Conte is playing the long game, with the World Cup still coming in what will be the most extended Premier League season in history.

The Tottenham squad is still far too thin, and as we have seen, it only takes an injury or two to cause problems within the team. However, despite injuries across the front line and midfield, Spurs still earn points and keep pace.

The good news is that some fans see the bigger picture and understand the end game.

No, things are not perfect at N17, but a win on Sunday against Newcastle and then midweek against Sporting will suddenly look right as rain.

The bottom line is that we need to be realistic with our expectations as fans and appreciate that we have a manager who sees the big picture and plans for the season, not just this week.

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