Three major milestones for Tottenham Hotspur in the transfer window

Three major milestones for Tottenham Hotspur in the transfer window

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Time is still on the side of Tottenham Hotspur when it comes to the transfer window; however, it is not unlimited, and there are three significant dates Spurs need to remember.

Tottenham Hotspur is off to a positive start in the transfer market, with three quality additions to the team in a market that has been open for just two weeks. However, time is ticking, and Fabio Paratici and Spurs have work to do, ideally before the first of three deadlines.

Tottenham transfer deadline 1 – 9 July

9 July is significant for Tottenham this summer as that is when Spurs are slated to be leaving for their tour of South Korea. To get a full taste of the Antonio Conte pre-season and have that road time for bonding with the team would be ideal for any new additions.

Spurs play Team K League on 13 July and then against Sevilla FC on 16 July. Those are two golden opportunities for new additions to flash for the gaffer. Ideally, all the signings are in before the plane leaves, in two weeks, and if Conte has his way, they will be.

Tottenham transfer deadline 2 – 6 August

Okay, so this is a soft deadline, but it is relevant. Whereas anyone not arriving before the team leaves for Asia will miss out on that experience but should still have ample time to settle. However, anyone who misses the 6 August deadline will have missed pre-season and be missing real matches.

Tottenham opens the season on Saturday, 6 August, versus Southampton. Although the first game does not prevent any additional signings, once the games begin, there is far less time for integration with the team.

Tottenham transfer deadline 3 – 1 September

The last date we all need to keep in mind is some 36 days away, 1 September, when the transfer window closes for Premier League teams. More than five weeks away, the end of the window is not when Spurs want to be making their deals.

Although, as fans, we are used to late window dramatics, it would be far more prudent for Spurs to handle their business well before the end of the window. While it seems like Spurs are on their way to doing that, these dates, including 1 September, will be here before we know it, so Paratici needs to stay busy.

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