Relax, Tottenham Hotspur is in a good place in the market

Relax, Tottenham Hotspur is in a good place in the market

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Fabio Paratici is well on his way to providing the summer Antonio Conte and Tottenham Hotspur need so we fans can relax; Spurs are in a good place in the market. 

There have been many rumours over the last week connecting Tottenham with defenders, and strikers in the market. Nevertheless, there has not been any actual movement for Spurs in the transfer market and that has some fans on edge. Although it has been a full week since Tottenham Hotspur has signed any new players, now is not the time to panic as Spurs are in a good place.

Tottenham making progress on transfer goals

Coming into the summer window, the team had one primary goal: making Spurs a deeper squad. While there are plenty of bodies available at N17 from the Tottenham Academy through the first team, Conte wants more than bodies, he wants players and choices.

Conte had few options by the end of last season with the laundry list of injured players within the squad. The signings thus far provide the gaffer with some legitimate possibilities. More importantly, the new signings provide the existing team with competition.

Conte employs tactics to keep his squad performing, and one such approach is having players compete at every position. Ivan Perisic and Yves Bissouma will absolutely be competing for starting roles within the team.

Perisic can play on either flank as a wing-back and will be looking for good minutes. Likewise, Bissouma will complement and compete with the existing defensive and box-to-box midfielders on the team.

Although Fraser Forster was not brought in to compete with Hugo Lloris per se, if Lloris starts slipping and Forster looks ready, you can bet Conte would make a move. The point is that Paratici has some early signings that make the team deeper and more competitive internally, which is a big part of what Tottenham needs.

Besides already taking some significant steps toward achieving the goal of more depth, there is another substantial change regarding Tottenham and the transfer market that should help us all relax.

There are more Tottenham transfer rumours than in the past

Over the last several seasons, the list of players rumoured to be targeted for Tottenham has been relatively small. We often heard some of the same names repeatedly, window after window, as we still do with Paulo Dybala.

In this window, we have seen a difference in the volume and breadth of rumours associated with Tottenham in the market. Nearly a dozen players have been associated with Spurs at the centre-back position alone.

Although we have yet to land our main prize at left-back, there are still many options, including Alessandro Bastoni, if Paratici can do things just right. With multiple options at forward being considered, Spurs are active in the market; they just have not made any new moves, but rest assured they are coming.

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