Reasons to believe Bastoni to Tottenham Hotspur could still happen

Reasons to believe Bastoni to Tottenham Hotspur could still happen

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It is difficult to quit on Tottenham Hotspur signing a player, especially before the window has opened, so here are several reasons why a deal for Alessandro Bastoni could still get done for Spurs. 

As Spurs fans, we all know the transfer market can be a fickle thing, bringing a lot of excitement and sorrow while always going to the bitter end. Although with Fabio Paratici at the helm, things appear to be moving quicker already. Given Paratici’s early success and the history of extended negotiations for Spurs, the idea that suddenly a deal for Bastoni is just dead because his agent said something is an overreaction.

Tottenham, Inter, and Bastoni are all negotiating.

Modern football is a business, meaning that everyone, every player and every club, is out to get theirs. The transfer market is where we often see this as players, agents, friends, and clubs all make statements aimed at saving face and making money.

At this point, given the extended interest, of course, Bastoni knows Spurs and Antonio Conte are interested, but an intelligent player stays above that discussion. Had Bastoni come out in the Italian media and acknowledged and even welcomed the Tottenham pursuit, it would have left him the bad guy in his home country.

While it may be very accurate that Bastoni loves Inter and does not want to leave, again, football is a business, and Inter Milan is a club that needs an infusion of cash. One of the best ways to help balance the ledger is moving a prized, young asset like Bastoni. Whereas Spurs likely want a loan to buy,  Inter wants cash, and you end up with hard-ball negotiations.

Players and clubs do these kinds of things all the time. Clubs come out backing their coach and sack them the next day. Players state their undying love for a club; then, they talk about their delight in being in a new city a week later.

We have heard a ton in both directions on Spurs signing Bastoni, and we are likely to get more. In the end, Conte wants Bastoni, and Inter wants money; the question is if Tottenham can find that number while Bastoni exits gracefully. The Italian defender could still be lining up in north London this fall if that can happen. Then again, sometimes things are as they seem, and what was that I heard about Gleison Bremer?

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