Did Tottenham Hotspur drop a huge Eriksen return hint?

Did Tottenham Hotspur drop a huge Eriksen return hint?

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During a long filled with many Tweets, Tottenham Hotspur may have quietly suggested that Christian Eriksen will be returning to the club. 

It was a busy day for Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday as the team continued their new home kit campaign and made the announcement of Fraser Forster official. Of course, the kit is expensive; fortunately for the club, Forster was not, coming to Spurs on a free transfer from Southampton. However, something else popped up mixed in with the numerous fashion photos and Forster promos.

Tottenham supports saving lives.

After numerous photos and videos of Forster, including him stuffing Matt Doherty last season, Spurs returned to the kit launch, with a post on Ryan Sessegnon followed by the shirt alone. Following that post on the shirt, Spurs switched gears ever so briefly, posting about CPR saving lives, before posting about the new home top two more times.

While the philanthropic value of the message is clear, and we all could benefit from knowing CPR, a curious fan has to wonder if this means more.

As football fans everywhere know, especially Spurs and Inter fans, Christian Eriksen’s life was saved by some heads-up CPR on the field. If not for that knowledge, Eriksen likely would not have survived, but instead, thanks to CPR, he was back in the Premier League last season.

We also know that Eriksen is available on a free transfer right now, and there have been some sources linking the Danish dynamo back with Spurs. Tottenham is not the only team competing with Manchester United and Brentford for Eriksen’s services. As a big fan of Eriksen in his time at Tottenham, I’d like to think the Champions League and a return to north London would sway his decision, assuming Antonio Conte wants him.

The decision is likely as much one being made by Conte as by Eriksen because both parties have to want the deal to happen.

Ultimately, that desire to want the deal to happen makes one read more into a Tweet, but then again, it may have been a big clue of another announcement to come. Either way, we will find out in a few days, between kit ads, of course.

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