A Golden Boot day for Heung-min Son and Tottenham Hotspur

A Golden Boot day for Heung-min Son and Tottenham Hotspur

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There were two big targets for Tottenham Hotspur heading into their season finale at Norwich, and Spurs accomplished both, including Heung-min Son winning the Golden Boot.

With early dominance and two first-half goals, Tottenham Hotspur had taken the drama out of their table placement, but Sonny chasing the Golden Boot remained. Given Son spent much of the game playing as the centre-forward, there was little doubt the club wanted the honour for their superstar. As Sonny pressed on, it looked like Tim Krul would play killjoy.

Krul tries to play killjoy on Son’s big day

Sonny was looking for the ball a bit more than usual from the middle of the park. As the first three chances of the match went elsewhere, you could sense a little frustration from the ordinarily mild-mannered South Korean.

Pierre Hojbjerg had skyed the ball over, but goals from Harry Kane and Dejan Kulusevski on each side of the half had Spurs in total control and looking for a Son goal.

The first big chance Son had come from an excellent cross from Kane. Sonny met the ball near the penalty spot with a wicked side-footed volley. Unfortunately, Son had struck the ball, so squarely it went zinging right at Krul and deflected out of play. Given Spurs were dominating the game; there was little doubt another opportunity would come.

Moments after being introduced for Deki, Lucas Moura flicked a header between defenders for Son to run onto the ball. Sonny took two long dribbles as he sprinted toward the goal. Much like the previous effort Krul had saved, Son again struck the ball with absolute authority, opting for power over precision. Again, Krul was up to the task and denied Son with a strong arm.

However, the foreshadowing was already in place, and Sonny would not be denied.

A second Golden Boot in as many seasons for Tottenham

Less than 30 seconds after Krul had saved his one-on-one attempt; Son again found himself alone with the Norwich keeper. Son collected the ball at the edge of the box from a deft touch by Moura and cooly slotted through Krul for goal number 22 and a tie with Mo Salah.

Shortly after Son scored number 22, Salah was scoring for Liverpool and re-took the lead for the Golden Boot at 23 goals.

Whether or not Son knew he was tying Salah or moving ahead when he scored was unclear but what was clear was the exhilaration that came to everyone as Sonny curled number 23 past Krul. Son had collected and measured number 23 from the top of the box, curling in a shot that looked straight off the training ground.

Of course, the celebration was anything but training ground as the entire team rejoiced in Son’s achievement. The first Asian to win the Golden Boot, Son officially shares the award with Salah but is the people’s champion with no penalties in the count.

It is the second straight season Tottenham had a player win the award after Harry Kane led the league in goals and assists both last season. It was a fitting end to a fine campaign for Son and Spurs, who will be looking for more than a fourth-place finish in year two of Antonio Conte‘s reign.

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